12 Days of Christmas Day 9: Gingerbread Houses

Welcome to the Ninth day of the 12 Days of Christmas, Today we are talking about Gingerbread Houses.

A Gingerbread house to me is a symbol of the Holiday Season. Every year, even before kids I would buy a gingerbread house kit and put it together. My Son's first Christmas we got a Gingerbread house and built it together (though he spent most of his time in the high chair licking the royal icing and decorating the ginger cookies I gave him with Cheerios. 

Some years we change it up and buy a different kit, there are so many options to choose from. The best part is, most kits come with everything you need to completely build and decorate a house. In 2013 the year of the Ice Storm many were faced with difficulties after the loss of power  that left people in the dark for days and spoiled food in their fridges just before Christmas.

We went without power for almost 48 hours (we were some of the lucky ones), we were lucky enough that we have amazing neighbours that let us stay with them a…

12 Days of Christmas Day 8: Handmade Gifts

Welcome to the Eighth Day of the 12 Days of Christmas, Today we are talking about Handmade Gifts.

Every Year for Christmas since my first child was born, I have made a handmade gift for the Grandparents and close family. Most times it's something useful, but it's also a keep sake. I love handmade goods. There is something really special about receiving something handmade. Knowing that the person who made it, put all the time and effort into making something for you. 
The first five years of doing this incorporated only my first born, these past 3 years I have been able to incorporate both boys. Here is a list and some pictures of the items we have made and given as gifts over the past 8 years. 
1. Plaster Hand and foot Cast: These are really great and simple gifts. You can find the plaster cast kits at craft stores and even some dollar stores carry them. My son was not quite a year when I did the casts. I definitely learned a lesson that you need to mix only one at a time, as try…

12 Days of Christmas Day 7: Breakfast With Santa

Welcome to the Seventh Day of the 12 Days of Christmas, today we are talking about a fairly new Tradition for our family Breakfast with Santa.

Our small little town hosts an Annual Breakfast with Santa. This year marks our second year attending. (I don't know why we never went before, but I'm glad we started). It's held the 1st Saturday in December at our Town Hall. They set up all these long tables and serve Pancakes, Sausage, Juice, Coffee and Tea for a small fee. My Oldest has quite enjoyed it. For the past 2 years we have walked into town with his friends from school and had breakfast with them. 

You definitely get to know your neighbours this way, sitting in close quarters and all. There is so much excitement when you walk in the door. There is a tree all decorated, the tables have crayons and colouring pages and there are some of Santa's Elves wandering about. 

Last year my little guy was only just over a year old and learning how to walk, he was trying to crawl awa…

12 Days of Christmas Day 6: Wrapping Presents

Welcome to Day Six of the 12 Days of Christmas, Today we are talking about Wrapping Presents.

Some people hate wrapping, I particularly enjoy it. It's my own little Christmas Tradition, I lock myself in a room with all the supplies, a nice drink, turn up the Christmas Music and get wrapping. I get a couple hours uninterrupted (ok that's a lie because behind the door they are still calling my name asking what I'm doing) but mostly uninterrupted and I'm taken away to my own little magical Christmas world.

I wrap everything, with the exception of items found in the stocking. I know that some people take all the toys out of the boxes or leave them in the box unwrapped and those are the gifts from "Santa". I however choose to wrap everything, though the thought of a few less presents to wrap (especially those awkward ones) seems like a great idea too. 

I usually use a different wrapping paper for the gifts from Santa. My son has seen all the rolls of wrapping paper I…

12 Days of Christmas Day 5: Christmas Shopping

Welcome to the 5th Day of the 12 Days of Christmas: Today we are talking about Christmas Shopping. 

Many people love the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I sure did pre-kids. I remember Christmas Shopping with my best friend in high school, we probably should have been doing homework, but we had a great night picking out presents and we even sat on Santa's knee for a photo. I pull that photo out Every Christmas and love the memories it brings back, We would spend hours upon hours shopping. Now the very thought of entering a shopping center or a Walmart at this time of year makes me cringe. People fighting over Fingerlings and Hatchimals like they are Holy Grail (Shudder).

Truth be told I actually start my Christmas Shopping as Early as July. That's right you read it correctly July. It's a little nicer on the pocket book to spread it out like that. I also get to avoid the crazy people who line up and fight over the latest and greatest fad toy. My oldest was born 3 da…

12 Days of Christmas Day 4: Santa Claus Parades

Welcome to the 4th Day of The 12 Days of Christmas, today we will be talking about Santa Claus Parades.

One of my fondest childhood memories as a child was watching the Santa Claus Parade on TV, my mother would start decorating the house for Christmas that day. My sister and I would sit in front of the TV (Probably way too close) and watch as the bands and floats went by. I still get all warm and fuzzy at the thought of Santa Claus Parades today. I love to watch my children's eyes light up. 

Where we live the Santa Claus Parades start Mid November and run right through to the first week of December. We usually try to attend 2 parades, a day time Parade and a Night Time Parade. (This year we only made it to one due to conflicting schedules). 

We live in a very small town. One of the nice things about small town living, is our Santa Claus Parade. It runs directly in front of our House. We are able to sit on our front yard and watch the parade go by. It's great as we get to watch wi…

12 Days of Christmas Day 3: Christmas Stories

Welcome to the 3rd Day of the 12 Days of Christmas Mini Series, today's post will be about Christmas Stories.

Reading is so important for Children. We made it a point to start reading to our kids as soon as they were born. When my oldest was born I was reading the Harry Potter Series again, and read aloud to him while I was on Maternity leave. We made it a point to read every night before bed. As my First Born got older and started to learn to read himself, we would get him to help us finish a story, or read us one book and we would read him another. Now that he is much older he now prefers to read quietly to himself. However, at this time of year he still enjoys sitting down and listening to myself or my husband read from our Collection of Christmas Stories. He also takes turns reading to his little brother (melts my heart every time). One of my favourite past times is reading. I've always been a book junkie and love that my kids are showing a large interest in reading (though…