Only a Mother's Love Can Explain it

I had great intentions for this week's post, sadly life got in the way and something happened this past week that inspired this post so I just ran with it and here it is. 

Somewhere along the line when we become mother's we end up doing things we never thought we would do. Things prior to having children we would have rolled our eyes at. For example we sniff our child's butt. I can be seen grabbing my kid and taking a big old whiff to see if there is going to be a nasty surprise in that diaper. We wipe our kid's tears away and when there is a runny nose and no tissue around mom's hand or sleeve becomes the perfect one. I have wiped up tears, snot and puke with my bare hands and sleeve.

We go around sleep deprived as we cuddle our baby's when they can't sleep.

We wash laundry at god awful hours of the night because someone was sick or had an accident in bed. (Or throw a towel over it and get everyone back to sleep and deal with it in the morning - I have done t…

The Day the Magic Died: Parenting Advice I Wish I was Given

Whether you are expecting a child or already have some you know too well that advice comes from every which angle whether it be wanted or not. Some of it may be useful and some you will literally roll your eyes at. As a parent you truly rely on your gut instinct and really just hope for the best. It really is a learning curve like no other. It's something that I can't even truly describe as it's different for everyone. 

As a Mother of two boy's I am still learning new things each and everyday and I've been doing this for almost 9 years. As parents we celebrate the milestone's our children reach; their first words, steps, the first tooth they lose and the list goes on. With each celebration comes a little sadness as you are watching your child grow and develop new skills you also know deep down inside that they are becoming more and more independent and growing up.

Something that no parenting book, online article, or milestone celebration could prepare me for, was…

To Medicate or Not to Medicate - Caelan's Journey

When it comes to using medication for any sort of ailment it's always a struggle. There are so many articles floating around on the Internet and everything they say must be true right? Not everything you read is true and not everything is false. There are so many contradicting theories that really, when it comes to making the decision to use medication it can be a daunting task. 

Recently I watched the Netflix Documentary "Take Your Pills" 1    In short it talks about the history of Adderall and looks into it's overuse and would compare it to the Opiate crisis, it touches on those who need it, those who rely on it, and those who only use it with the intent of being the best self they can. It hit close to home as just months ago my son was on similar medication, so it brought me to write this post. I suppose this post was a long time coming. One of the things I wanted to share through Mommy Dearest: Boogers, Boys and life, was my son's Journey. I have found that al…

Mommy VS. Toddler: Tantrums

It's been a while since I wrote one of these posts, it's not that I didn't want to, or that life magically became perfect, life just got in the way and so here I am writing furiously while the Little Guy gobbles down his snack. 

Something that all kids go through is Tantrums. These began shortly before the little guy turned two. I like to think that these tantrums can be put into 2 categories: Tiny Tantrums and Explosive Tantrums. Tiny Tantrums only last a few seconds where as the Explosive Tantrums last for what seems like forever.

It's hard for little ones to express themselves before they can really talk. They may have a few words in their ever growing vocabulary but often it isn't enough to get their point across. In our house when the little guy gets frustrated he screams. By screaming I mean blood curdling screams that you would swear were the end of the world. 

At first the screams started out because he discovered that he had a voice and could change the pitch…

D.I.Y Easter Decor Ideas

It's hard to believe that we are already halfway through March. Where did the time go? Easter is just around the corner and now that March Break is over and we are back to our regularly scheduled lives I busted out the Easter Decor and this place is now ready for the Easter Bunny and the celebrations to begin.

Like every other holiday or season to decorate I turned to my good old pal Pinterest for some inspiration and got to work. I admittedly don't have a ton of Easter Decor. I always got so wrapped up in the other holidays I slacked on this one. I also didn't want to spend a fortune on decor items and I lack the space to store it all. I love a good D.I.Y project and got to work on my list for Easter Decor that was super budget friendly and stores easily in the very small storage bin that I have allotted.

Every year I try to be as prepared as possible for Easter. I never want to be one of those last minute parents, the thought actually gives me anxiety. Last year we actuall…

St. Patrick's Day - Why we Celebrate

St. Patrick's Day holds a special place in my heart. We have always celebrated it (at least I have as an adult). My mother never really acknowledged it when I was younger. I remember while growing up that my best friends birthday was on that day so I always celebrated with her (until sadly we drifted apart as some friendships do). Getting back to it, as an adult I would of course go out and Drink Green beer and cocktails with my friends sporting those "Kiss me I'm Irish" shirts, even though I'm not Irish. I never even really understood why it was celebrated. It wasn't until I googled it that I learned it was both a Cultural and Religious Celebration. 

All that aside, the reason it holds such a dear place in my heart is that on St. Patrick's Day 12 Years ago I had my first date with my now Husband. I remember most of it like it was yesterday. I was closing up at work and he was the last customer that evening, I remember convincing him to come over to the lo…